Initiated by MAGE and Hungexpo in 2013 the Automotive Hungary has become a prominent annual automotive event in Hungary. Further partner of the event organising Hungexpo Plc. and MAGE is the National Investment Agency (HIPA).


Automotive Hungary is an international professional exhibition of automotive producers and suppliers organised at the same time with Autótechnika-Autodiga, the international professional exhibition of the automotive maintenance industry. The two events give a comprehensive picture about the current situation and development trends of the international automotive industry, also about innovational possibilities and professional labour force supply. The co-operating partner of the event is, the professional website of Hungarian automotive manufacturers and suppliers.


The annual automotive conference is a significant event for the Hungarian automotive industry. The event taking place since 2015 is organised by MAGE together with Portfolio Conference company operated by the online economic newspaper.




Suppliers development working committee – BMB

The organisation strives to improve the competitiveness and added value of the Hungarian automotive suppliers. It supports the development of technological, corporate, production and quality assurance systems of small and medium enterprises, as well as sharing innovative solutions. Furthermore it focuses on helping more and more small and medium Hungarian enterprises become suppliers.


Education, professional training, labour-labour force mobility working committee – OSZMB

The aim of the organisation is to promote the establishment of a competitive and sustainable working environment, the rationalization of automotive education and training, and furthermore, the alignment of the professional knowledge of the automotive labour force with the market demands. It also helps find the optimal distribution of different benchmarking activities and experiences among the member companies.


Industry 4.0 technology benchmarking working committee – TBMB

It promotes the expansion of the Industry 4.0 technology, the collection of advanced technological methods, and organises professional programs for the member companies of the Association in these areas.


Policy working committees – PMB

It aims to improve the competitiveness of the automotive companies. The organisation takes an active part in establishing the relevant legal and economic environment. It also represents its members’ interests towards government officials and the professional sphere.